Ordering at DealsOnA2Z.Com is easy. Placing your first order at DealsOnA2Z.Com? Just select the items you want to shop, enter your shipping address and payment information. If you need any assistance give us a call. We would please to take your order over phone.

Your order would be delivered through reputed courier companies at your doorstep.

Product should be returned within 48 Hours of receiving the product. The return period of the product is mentioned along with the product description.

  1. File a return request through Profile >> My Orders >> Return product.
  2. Return request reviewed by DealOnA2Z.Com and Customer Support Team may contact you and investigate reasons regarding the Return request. Return Request confirmed and verified by Customer Support team for valid reason.
  3. Return request shared with the seller / merchant for approval after return request confirmed by Customer Support Team.
  4. After approval, Pickup of the product is arranged through our Logistics or Courier Services.
  5. In case of the pickup of return products is not available at your pickup address, we may ask you to dispatch the product. In this case courier charge will be reimbursed by us.
  6. After receiving product, it will verify against your claim then after Replacement or Refund is initiated. Replacement would be depended on the availability of stock. It may take 2 to 3 weeks from the time since request is raised to the time the product delivered back to us (address informed to you by email). Exactly time may depends on the nature of the product and your location feasibility. Please be assured about your interests are protected by our hard work and our honesty.

Make sure that the product / merchandise has not been used / worn or altered / tampered price tag / tampered Serial Number / tampered with / as well as is accompanied by its original price tag and packing slip. Any product which has been used / worn or altered / tampered price tag / tampered serial number / tampered with / as not as accompanied by its original tag and packing slip will not be picked up at any circumstances. On the box, please mention your order number. You will receive the packaging instructions and return address in a separate email from us after your order approval for pickup.

In case of return product pick up by us, you don’t needs to pay anything. If you are sending a product return through a Logistic or Courier, you need to bear a courier cost. However, we will reimburse you the Logistics or courier charges up to 300 Rs. in the Buyer’s own E-Wallet for future use.

Within 24 to 48 hours after the return order pickup from your location, you will receive email from us specifying the tracking details using which you can track the package through courier’s Website / portal application. As the product reaches us we will inform you by sending an email.

We initiate the replacement or refund within 3 working days after receiving the product at DealOnA2Z.Com. For refunds it may takes up to 3 weeks for the amount to get credited in your account after we have initiated the refund. However, if the refund in Rewards, the amount is immediately transferred to your DealOnA2Z rewards account. The replacement / refund may get delayed or declined if the product received by us is not as per your claim or you have not written us order number on the returned package.


In the Case of Cash On Delivery (COD) orders refund would be done in form of Rewards or the eligible amount would be credited via NEFT or IMPS given/submitted by the user against the order id under the “ Profile “ Section at DealOnA2Z.Com website / portal application.